Objectives and Responsibilities

Lake Kerkini Management Authority is a non profit body supervised by the Greek Minister of the Environment and Climate Change (L.2742/1999). Its main aim is to administer and manage the National Park of Lake Kerkini.



    • Biodiversity conservation
    • Conservation of the functional capability and the structure of the area’s ecosystems
    • Protection and improvement of the terrestrial and the aquatic productivity as presupposition for a sustainable management
    • Guarding the protected area of the National Park
    • Public information and awareness
    • Environmental education
    • Planning operational strategies for the environment



    • Preparation and implementation of regulations concerning the administration and functioning of the area and of managerial plans
    • Supervision of the regulations implementation
    • Participating in the process of environmental assessment of works and activities that occur in the National Park
    • Assistance to other Public Services concerning the environmental legislation
    • Preparation of studies and researches, implementation of works and activities that are included in the managerial plan and the action programs for the protection, conservation and promotion of the protected objectives
    • Implementation of national or European programs and actions concerning the National Park
    • Information, training and awareness of the public
    • Promotion, support, coordination and implementation of programs concerning ecotourism, issue licenses for guiding, scientific research, sampling and analysis. Issue trade marks to businesses of the area

    Management of public land that the Authority is responsible and hiring private land for implementation of the managerial plan.