Voluntary Work Programs

The Management Authority has been accomplished three voluntary work programs since 2008 in the National Park of Lake Kerkini. The first two programs were done with the collaboration of the WWF Greece.

The volunteers are asked to participate in works concerning new actions or actions in the existing infrastructure of the National Park. Usually, the program lasts two weeks and it starts in the beginning of August.
Up to date, the volunteers have been involved in the following works/activities:
• Nests making for cormorants into the riparian forest
• Fencing for the protection of the natural vegetation in the riparian forest
• Construction of platforms for pelicans breeding in Lake Kerkini
• Construction of cages for injured birds and mammals and maintenance works of Management Authority’s existing facilities
• Cutting and carriage reeds for pelicans platforms
• Participation in the monthly recording of dead animals in the Wind Power Park in Sidirokastro
• Participation in the monthly recording of dead animals in the main road network of the National Park
• Maintenance works of Management Authority’s observatories in the riparian forest
• Participation in the monthly recording of otter’s population
• Construction of floating platforms for the resting of the pelicans and placement of them around the wooden platforms for pelicans breeding
• Sustenance of Management Authority’s experimental field near Vyroneia’s bridge
• Fencing two areas for new experimental fields in the riparian forest
• Maintenance works of 12 kiosks
• Participation of predators recording

The Management Authority willing to express its thankfulness to the volunteers organizes activities for their recreation and training. Specifically, the volunteers are informed for the National Park, they are guided outdoors with activities such as bird watching, cycling, canoeing, archery, horse riding. Furthermore, the Management Authority organizes excursions to museums (Archeological Museum of Amphipoli, Archeological Museum of Serres), to fortresses (Istibei, Roupel), to Alistratis’ cave, to Vyroneia’s aquarium.

The contribution of the local authorities and of the local professionals’ unions for the successful completion of the volunteer program is significant.