Protection Zones

The area has been divided in four protection zones:

Strict Nature Reserve Zone

The bird colonies in the riparian forest, the water-lilies bed and an area in the mountain Mavrovouni which is close to the lake are consist this zone. Scientific research, environmental education and nature’s management are the permitted activities.

Nature’s Protection Zone

This zone is consisted of the lake and the river Strymonas. Many activities permitted in this area under the condition of no adverse effects to the wetland. These activities may be fishery, tourism, etc.

Eco-development Zone A’

This zone surrounds the lake and the river. Many activities are permitted under certain environmental procedures and regulations.

Eco-development Zone B’

This zone succeeds the Zone A’. It contains the most remote areas to the lake and river which consist the external boarders of the protected region. The majority of the human activities are permitted according to national laws and environmental procedures.

General Conditions

The following activities are permitted in the protected region apart from the zone of the absolute protection.

  • Scientific research and monitoring of ecological indicators.
  • Works for the conservation, restoration and improvement of the natural environment
  • Groups visit and guidance aiming to environmental awareness and sensitization
  • Installation of necessary infrastructure for the monitoring of the area, for the environmental information and for the other needs of the protected area on the condition that it is been accomplished by a public or private body permitted from the Management Authority of the Lake Kerkini.
  • Agricultural cultivations
  • Forestry interventions in private or public woodlands as well as works preventing from fire
  • Conservation and restoration of existing installations
  • Conservation of the existing anchoring infrastructure
  • Conservation and restoration of existing road network
  • Every use and activity that is not mentioned as permitted in the protection zones of the area is prohibited.